Maine PA Salary Report: 2024’s 6 Updates

2024 PA Salary Maine

Maine PA Salary Report: 2024’s 6 Updates

The role of a Physician Assistant (PA) in Maine is an integral part of the healthcare landscape. As we step into 2024, it becomes increasingly important to understand the dynamics of PA salaries in this region. This insight is not only vital for current PAs but also for those considering this career path. The healthcare sector in Maine, like many other states, is undergoing significant changes, influenced by factors such as technological advancements, policy changes, and the evolving needs of patient care. These changes invariably affect the job market and salary structures for healthcare professionals, including PAs.

In Maine, PAs play a crucial role in providing healthcare services, often serving as primary care providers, especially in rural and underserved areas. Their contribution is essential in bridging the gap in healthcare accessibility. Therefore, analyzing the salary trends of PAs in Maine not only helps in understanding their economic value but also sheds light on the state of healthcare services in the region. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the salary trends, job market, and future outlook for Physician Assistants in Maine as of 2024, offering valuable insights for professionals in this field.

Update 1: Average Salary Overview

As we delve into the specifics of PA salaries in Maine for 2024, it’s crucial to look at the average figures to set the stage for a deeper analysis. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a Physician Assistant in Maine as of January 2024 is $127,291. This figure is quite telling, especially when broken down into different pay scales:

  • Hourly Rate: On average, a PA in Maine earns about $61.20 per hour.
  • Weekly Pay: This translates to an average weekly income of approximately $2,447.
  • Monthly Earnings: On a monthly basis, a Maine PA can expect to earn around $10,607.

These numbers not only highlight the lucrative nature of this profession in Maine but also underscore the value placed on PAs in the state’s healthcare system.

However, it’s important to note that these figures represent averages and can vary based on several factors. The range of salaries for PAs in Maine is quite broad, with some earning as low as $56,640 and others as high as $171,855 annually. This variation can be attributed to different factors such as geographical location, years of experience, and the specific medical facilities where they are employed. For instance, PAs working in outpatient care centers generally have higher earnings, as indicated by data from

Furthermore, when comparing these figures to the national average, Maine stands out as a competitive state for PA salaries. The national average for PA salaries is around $120,212, a bit lower than Maine’s average, as reported by This comparison not only highlights Maine’s position but also reflects the state’s commitment to compensating healthcare professionals adequately.

Update 2: Salary Range and Variations

The salary range for Physician Assistants in Maine is as diverse as the roles they fulfill in the healthcare system. In 2024, the spectrum of PA salaries in this state reflects a combination of factors including experience, specialization, and geographical location. At the lower end of the scale, some PAs earn around $56,640 annually, while those at the higher end can make up to $171,855. This significant disparity in earnings is indicative of the varied opportunities and challenges within the profession.

Experience plays a pivotal role in determining a PA’s salary. Those new to the field typically start at the lower end of the salary spectrum. However, with the accumulation of experience and additional certifications, their earning potential increases substantially. Specialization is another key factor. PAs working in specialized medical fields such as surgery or emergency medicine often command higher salaries due to the additional skills and knowledge required.

Geographical location within Maine also impacts salaries. PAs employed in urban areas, where the cost of living and demand for medical services are higher, tend to earn more than those in rural settings. However, it’s important to note that rural areas might offer other forms of compensation, such as a better work-life balance or a more personal connection with the community.

Update 3: Job Market Analysis

The job market for Physician Assistants in Maine in 2024 presents a unique landscape. Despite the growing demand for healthcare services nationwide, Maine’s PA job market shows a pattern distinct from other states. This scenario offers a mix of opportunities and challenges for current and aspiring PAs.

One of the primary challenges is the limited number of immediate job openings, particularly in specialized areas. This scarcity requires PAs to be flexible and open to various roles, possibly even considering relocation within the state to find suitable positions. On the flip side, the less saturated market in Maine means reduced competition for the available roles, potentially leading to better job security and negotiation power for PAs.

The evolving nature of healthcare, with a growing emphasis on telemedicine and outpatient care, is also reshaping the PA job market in Maine. PAs with skills in these emerging areas may find more opportunities and potentially higher salaries. Additionally, Maine’s focus on improving healthcare access in rural areas could lead to increased demand for PAs in these regions, offering a chance to make a significant impact in underserved communities.

Deeper Insights and Future Outlook

Update 4: Top Paying Cities in Maine

In 2024, the landscape of Physician Assistant salaries in Maine varies significantly across different cities. This variation is a crucial factor for PAs considering where to work within the state. Some of the top-paying cities in Maine include:

  • Portland: Known for its vibrant healthcare sector, Portland offers competitive salaries to PAs.
  • Bangor: With a growing demand for medical services, Bangor is another city where PAs can expect higher earnings.
  • Lewiston: As a healthcare hub, Lewiston provides ample opportunities for PAs with competitive compensation.

These cities not only offer higher salaries but also a range of employment opportunities in diverse medical settings. However, it’s important to balance the higher salary potential with the cost of living in these urban areas, which can be significantly higher than in rural parts of Maine.

Update 5: Related High-Paying Roles

Apart from traditional PA roles, there are several related positions in the healthcare sector of Maine that offer high-paying opportunities. These roles often require similar skill sets and qualifications as PAs but come with different responsibilities and, consequently, different salary scales. Some of these roles include:

  • Surgical Assistants: Specializing in assisting during surgeries, these professionals often command higher salaries.
  • Emergency Medicine PAs: Working in high-pressure environments, these PAs are compensated well for their critical skills.
  • Specialized Nurse Practitioners: With advanced specializations, these professionals can earn salaries comparable to or exceeding those of PAs.

These roles reflect the evolving nature of healthcare professions, where specialized skills and expertise are increasingly valued and rewarded.

Update 6: Future Salary Projections

Looking ahead, the future salary projections for Physician Assistants in Maine are promising. Several factors are expected to influence these projections:

  • Growing Healthcare Demand: As the population ages, the demand for healthcare services is likely to increase, potentially driving up PA salaries.
  • Technological Advancements: The integration of new technologies in healthcare could create new roles for PAs, possibly with higher salaries.

However, it’s important to remain aware of the broader economic factors that could impact these projections. Changes in healthcare policies, funding, and the overall economic climate of Maine will play a significant role in shaping the future salary landscape for PAs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Factors Influence PA Salaries in Maine?

Several factors play a crucial role in determining the salaries of Physician Assistants in Maine. These include:

  • Experience and Education: More experienced PAs with advanced degrees or certifications typically earn higher salaries.
  • Specialization: PAs specializing in fields like surgery or emergency medicine often have higher earning potential.
  • Location: Urban areas in Maine generally offer higher salaries compared to rural areas due to the cost of living and demand for healthcare services.

How Does Maine’s PA Salary Compare to Other States?

Maine’s PA salaries are competitive when compared to the national average. While some states may offer higher average salaries, Maine’s cost of living and quality of life factors make it an attractive option for many healthcare professionals.

Are There Opportunities for PA Salary Growth in Maine?

Yes, there are opportunities for salary growth for PAs in Maine. These can be achieved through:

  • Gaining Experience: As PAs gain more experience, they can negotiate higher salaries.
  • Pursuing Specializations: Specializing in high-demand medical areas can lead to salary increases.
  • Continuing Education: Engaging in ongoing education and training can open up opportunities for higher-paying roles.

What is the Job Outlook for PAs in Maine?

The job outlook for Physician Assistants in Maine is positive. With an aging population and an increasing focus on healthcare accessibility, the demand for PAs is expected to grow. This growth is likely to lead to more job opportunities and potentially higher salaries.

How Has COVID-19 Impacted PA Salaries in Maine?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical role of PAs in healthcare. In Maine, this has led to:

  • Increased Demand: There’s a heightened demand for PAs, especially in areas like infectious disease management and telehealth.
  • Potential Salary Adjustments: Due to the increased demand and the critical nature of their work during the pandemic, some PAs may see adjustments in their compensation.

What Are the Best Cities in Maine for PA Salaries?

The best cities in Maine for PA salaries typically include urban centers such as Portland, Bangor, and Lewiston. These cities offer higher salaries due to a greater demand for healthcare services and a higher cost of living.

Can Specialized PAs Earn More in Maine?

Yes, specialized PAs often earn more in Maine. Specializations in areas like surgery, emergency medicine, or orthopedics are usually in high demand and command higher salaries.


The role of Physician Assistants in Maine is evolving, with significant implications for their salaries and job prospects. As of 2024, the state presents a competitive and promising landscape for PAs, characterized by a range of salaries influenced by factors like experience, specialization, and location. The top-paying cities in Maine offer lucrative opportunities, but it’s important for PAs to consider the cost of living and lifestyle preferences when choosing where to work.

Looking ahead, the future for PAs in Maine is bright. The growing demand for healthcare services, driven by an aging population and technological advancements, suggests a positive trajectory for PA salaries and job opportunities. Specializations and continuous education will play key roles in salary growth, offering PAs pathways to higher earnings and career advancement.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has also underscored the vital role of PAs in the healthcare system, potentially leading to further recognition and compensation adjustments. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, PAs in Maine can expect to see changes in their profession, but the overall outlook remains positive, with ample opportunities for growth and development in this rewarding career.